For news without context, tune into NPR

I fell asleep with the radio on and woke Monday to what I thought was the sound of my friend Swamp Rabbit pleading for a drink. But no, it was the squeaky little voice of Ivanka Trump’s Ken doll, Jared Kushner, who was telling the world via National Public Radio how terrific it was to be present in Israel for an event celebrating the movement of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, not many miles from the celebration, Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border were shooting Palestinians, who had responded to the embassy move — a strong signal that peace talks were dead — by burning tires and trying to breach the border fence. By day’s end, 58 had been killed and well over a thousand wounded.

NPR mentioned the slaughter a few times as they reported on the dignitaries at the new embassy site — Barbie and Ken, Trump toady Steve Mnuchin, mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, and so on — but the network made no mention of the web of corruption that binds Republican big shots to thugs like Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu.

For context regarding the embassy move — for instance, why is it happening? — Twitter was a better place to start than NPR.

NPR is almost as useless as it is ubiquitous. It has some good reporters and covers a lot of territory, but its news directors were neutered years ago when the Breitbarts of the world began accusing the network of liberal bias.

Footnote: I’ll bet Robert Mueller wasn’t following the fete in Jerusalem. More likely, he was sifting through evidence of how Kushner has been manipulated by Israel and other foreign powers.

2 thoughts on “For news without context, tune into NPR

  1. Without the support of Democrats like extremist Zionist Chuck Schumer, Trump would not have dared to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    Not only is Schumer a large part of the NPR/AIPAC problem, but he is also very, very close friend of the criminal Netanyahu.

    It was also notable that Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) stood in the hallway yesterday waiting to say ‘heh’ to Trump, like an excited school girl.

  2. I beg to differ. It did not start with Brietbart, but in the 1980’s. The Reagan Administration threatened to cut NPR’s funding, and did to some degree. With the result being that rather than provide facts and analysis regarding political stories, the analysis was replaced with a he said-she said approach. NPR began having a Republican and a Democrat providing “context” regarding the facts. The listener was left with no idea of what the facts meant. A sloppy analysis approach remains to this day.

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