‘It’s a f*cking circus’

They ignore the law and Republicans won’t stop them:



One thought on “‘It’s a f*cking circus’

  1. Study the writings of L. Rod Hubbard and you will discover Trumps current playbook.

    We have gone through the looking glass on all fronts as the House vividly displayed yesterday.

    By a vote of 352 to 66 the House passed a $717 billion Defense Bill.
    131 Democrats voted with the Republicans. Where was the so-called Democratic leadership on this bill?

    When Trump took office defense spending totaled $584 billion.
    The Democrats have helped Trump and the Republicans increase military spending by $133 billion over the past 18 months (23% increase).
    Yesterdays bill included $65 million for the development of low-yield nuclear battlefield weapons, 16,000 additional troops, and a military parade for Trump in November.

    This increase in military spending is unconscionable while we are practicing austerity against the poor.

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