Rules are for suckers

Trump confirms historic summit with Kim Jong-un is back on for June 12

I don’t even know why this strikes me — maybe because Trump has so little interest in even learning the rules, let alone following them:

President Trump reportedly has a habit of ripping up pieces of paper, including letters and official documents, that are required by law to be preserved, in what was described as his personal “filing system.”

Former staffers handling records management for the White House told Politico that they were tasked with taping the paper scraps together to ensure that the administration did not violate legal requirements to preserve presidential records.

Solomon Lartey, who was terminated after nearly three decades of government service, told Politico that he and colleagues would use Scotch tape to put the pieces together “like a jigsaw puzzle.”

2 thoughts on “Rules are for suckers

  1. Trump showed his ass to host Trudeau on several occasions during the G-7 meeting.
    Trudeau indicated his displeasure publically, so Trump called him a “back-stabbing weakling” who deserved a “special place in hell.”

    Before Trump left for Singapore from Canada he said, “……we should have Russia at the negotiating table (G-8). You know, whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but WE HAVE A WORLD TO RUN.”

    There it is folks. Trump and Putin in charge of the world.

    The 1400 odd oligarchs in the world are under the impression that they are the boss of the other 6+ billion of us here on earth.

    How did we ever get ourselves into that position?
    Like Giuliani said, they have us on our “hands and knees and ready to take it.”

  2. Each of the staff who are tasked with taping the scraps of Fergus’ tantrums back together to comply with federal law are making more than $60,000 a year and feel like they should be doing more important work.

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