The devout one

What a hypocrite. If you had a conscience, you wouldn’t be out there spinning for the Orange Monster, Kellyanne:

Top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway claimed on Sunday she and other Donald Trump aides dislike the practice of separating children from their parents at the border — but she denied the fact that the controversial situation results from a Trump administration policy shift.

“As a mother, as a Catholic, as someone with a conscience… I will tell you that nobody likes this policy,” Conway told Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Asked repeatedly why Trump doesn’t reverse the policy, Conway blamed Democrats for not authorizing funding to build more detention centers and said that children of undocumented immigrants were detained under former President Barack Obama.

One thought on “The devout one

  1. The Christians in this country, particularly Evangelical Christians, are cruel, nasty, beasts.

    Our Christian leaders, particularly Evangelical Christian leaders, “are sin-laden and led away by various lusts; ever learning yet never attaining knowledge of the truth.” (2 Tim 3)

    Christian leaders, especially Evangelical Christian leaders, have corrupted their flocks.

    NOTE: On Saturday Pope Francis said that abortion is the “white glove” of the Nazi eugenics program. “Do we get rid of it,” he asked? “The murder of children. To have an easy life, they get rid of the innocent.”

    Pope Francis keeps saying dumber and more stupid things all the time.

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