Pruitt takes the loyalty test

“Don’t worry, boss! If you put me in charge, I’ll fire Mueller!”

One thought on “Pruitt takes the loyalty test

  1. Pruitt’s days are numbered not because he’s the most corrupt creature in the swamp, but because he hasn’t prevented the price of oil from rising.
    Pruitt is Senator Inhofe’s man. Inhofe is Big Oils man. Higher oil prices produce huge profits for Big Oil.

    The price of a barrel of oil has gone from $65 to $74 in the last 14 days.

    That has enraged Trump because the people in his base are misinformed and poor. So they will blame Trump for the higher gas prices at the pump.
    Inhofe is in charge of making sure that that doesn’t happen and he’s failing Trump. Exit scapegoat Pruitt.

    King of the World Trump is now tweeting daily that the price of oil is too high and had better come down ASAP.
    What a demagogue and fool

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