2 thoughts on “Another wrestler says Jordan knew

  1. Republican Jim Jordan, Ohio, is a dirt bag, a scumbag, and human waste. (Is that too harsh?)
    Just like every other Republican is.

    Trump thinks that he can avoid a donnybrook by nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
    Kavanaugh is 53, worked for Justice Kennedy, and was appointed by Bush to the federal court.

    Kavanaugh is far more ideologically Conservative and Evangelical then Justice Kennedy ever thought of being.

    Kavanaugh is a non-starter and no Democratic Senator, not a single one, should vote to confirm him.

  2. Jordan, like his fake president, lies constantly. Don The Con said he believes Jordan 100%, so right there we know he’s lying.

    How long till it comes out that Jordan was also molesting students? Hmmmm?

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