2 thoughts on “We can’t pretend our election results are legitimate

  1. Elections in this country haven’t been legitimate since the Republic was founded when only white, male, landowners were allowed to vote.

    The last time the Supreme Court was packed with Originalists (Strict Constructionists/Constitutionalists) the court gave us the Dred Scott Decision (1856) and a Civil War (1861).

    Originalists believe that the Constitution must be interpreted exactly as it was written because it says preciously what it means.

    For example, Article IV-Section 2:3, says that “Persons held to labor or service in one state, fleeing to another, to be returned,” (adopted in 1787).
    So Chief Justice Roger Taney an Originalist, doctrinaire Catholic and ex-slave holder ruled against Scott and in favor of the slave holders along with the other 4 former slave holders on the court.
    That left the abolitionists little choice except violence.

    Brett Kavanaugh is an Originalist and a doctrinaire Catholic. That’s a serious problem because so is Chief Justice Roberts and 3 others on the court.

  2. Insist on hand-marked paper ballots, the gold standard for fraud-resistance.

    Suspect the motives of anyone who argues against them.

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