Treason, live

Even the media understands now that something is really wrong, as Trump offered to give Putin our intelligence — so he could help us figure out who hacked us. The entire Trump-Putin press conference took place in Bizarro World:

Call your congressman. Call your senators.

2 thoughts on “Treason, live

  1. When dis changing U.S. foreign policy become an act of treason?

    The cold-warriors and warmongers lost their minds yesterday, and then their heads exploded.

    For the last 75 years U.S. foreign policy has dictated that we fight in numerous illegal wars, interfere in multiple foreign elections, and assassinated countless “foreign enemies” including heads of state.

    We have wasted tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars on worthless intelligence and endless war.

    Will Trump’s unorthodox and jarring performance in Helsinki finally sound the death knell to our current outdated and dangerous foreign policy, and assign the cold-warriors and warmongers to the trash bin of history?

    We can only hope.

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