‘What are the Dems doing?’

I hear this at least once a day. It’s frustrating, because they’re fighting back, but cable news just isn’t covering it. Perfect example: Steny Hoyer’s fiery speech after the GOP refused to fund additional spending for election protection:

2 thoughts on “‘What are the Dems doing?’

  1. The Democrats are doing the same thing that the Republicans are doing which is trying to figure out what planet we’re all living on.

    Neo-liberals (a CIA construct injected into the body politic by Reagan) in both parties were, and are, unwilling and unable to end the Cold War. (The USSR collapsed in 1991.)

    Over the decades the oligarchs have made countless trillions by projecting the “people’s enemies”———Communists, Socialists, North Koreans, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, and lately Muslims and Hispanics——–onto the wall of our cave. Fear is profitable.

    It’s in the self-interest of the plutocrats (1%) to support the oligarchs (.01%).
    So they buy the politicians and elevate their defenders to exalted positions.

    The neo-liberal system worldwide is failing quickly now.

    So what replaces it?
    That’s the unknown.
    But it won’t be a Republican led neo-Fascist or authoritarian state. If the people remain vigilant and involved.

    Republicans are the enemy . Vote them all out of office in November.

  2. “That’s the unknown.”

    Lemme guess–you’re affluent and figure you’ll survive whatever chaos happens, so you’re willing to roll the dice, because Horseshoe Leftitude.

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