Spreading the right-wing joy!


Steve Bannon:

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff is planning to set up a foundation in Brussels to support right-wing, anti-establishment groups in the run-up to the European Parliament election.

Steve Bannon said in a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Beast that he wants to unite powers on the right end of the political spectrum.

“Everybody agrees that next [European Parliament election in] May is hugely important, that this is the real first Continent-wide face-off between populism and the party of Davos,” Bannon said in the interview. “This will be an enormously important moment for Europe.”

The organization — to be called The Movement — would serve as a central source of polling, advice on messaging, data targeting, and think-tank research, the Daily Beast reported. It would be based in Brussels and initially have a handful of full-time staffers to support populist and right-wing parties across Europe.

One thought on “Spreading the right-wing joy!

  1. At least he’s left the country and good riddance.

    Here’s what Rachel Marsden wrote the other day, “The American Left doesn’t want co-operation because Russia stands for everything that the Left despises: border control, cultural cohesion, traditional gender norms, a low flat tax on income, and an appreciation of Trump.”

    That is what the lunatic, Right wing Republican Party faithful believe, what they are selling, and what got Trump elected.

    Like Putin and the oligarchs who run the Russian Kleptocracy, Republicans are Fascists by training and by temperament. They are the enemy.

    The warmongers and cold-warriors failed in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, and are now failing in Yemen, Iraq, and the Levant.

    People like Susan Rice, Madeline Albright, Samantha Powers, Coons, Cardin, Schumer, etc., are all prisoners of the past and are irrelevant to our future.

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