Trump threatens to hold his breath and turn blue

One thought on “Trump threatens to hold his breath and turn blue

  1. Bring it on big boy.

    Robert Miller, CEO of NLMK, USA, is crying foul because his corporation, which imports huge slabs of steel from Russia, has already paid $80 million in duties on that imported Russian steel.
    Miller claims that if the steel tariffs remain in place his corporation will be forced out of business.

    Robert Miller is indicative of the worst kind of Capitalist in America and there are plenty of them these days.
    Millers only concern is making profits.
    He buys his steel from Russia because state subsidized or “dumped” steel is always cheaper then steel produced by American steelworkers.

    Robert Miller doesn’t give a damn about American workers or America.
    What Miller cares about is making a profit by any means necessary.

    Targeted tariffs work and generalized tariffs do not.
    But because Trump knows nothing about anything including the truth, his only concern is building a wall and strong arming Americans.

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