Muller indictments ‘will be a bombshell’

Every once in a while, morning news includes actual information, the kind I like.

Yesterday, Morning Joe featured Rep. Eric Swalwell and former federal prosecutors Daniel Murphy and John Martin.

“So do you think that members of Congress have been obstructing justice in the russia investigation?” Scarborough asked Swalwell.

“They’re stopping justice in the Russia investigation,” Swalwell said.

“We saw that when we would bring people in like Michael Cohen and ask direct questions about the Trump Tower meeting and Don Jr. would refuse to answer. You know you have subpoena power and you don’t have to take the refusal, but each time we would say, ‘Make Donald Trump Jr. answer, but they would say, ‘No, we’re here under a voluntary scheme,’ which is what they set up. They protected them at every single stop. Since they ended their investigation we learned about Cambridge Analytica, about Roger Stone’s extensive contacts and we’re learning more and more about Michael Cohen. These guys are going to learn the hard way in November, I’m afraid.”

Scarborough asked Murphy, “Is it not fair to say that after Mueller’s last round of indictments a couple of Fridays ago where the United States government actually identified Russians that were trying to undermine American democracy, that at this point if you are trying to stop Mueller’s investigation, you’re not just a dupe for Donald Trump, you’re a dupe for Vladimir Putin and you are getting in the way of an investigation that’s trying to get to the bottom of how the Russians tried to undermine American democracy?”

“That indictment set forth how the Russians went forward, at least in one way to infiltrate our election,” Murphy said.

“What Bob Mueller has not done at any point — and I think this is intentional, he has not included any evidence of American involvement in any of what we call collusion. Collusion is shorthand for conspiracy to defraud.”

Scarborough asked why.

“For a couple of reasons. One is what we talked about with Michael Cohen. He doesn’t want to let the public or other witnesses know what evidence he has. Two, I think he wants to wait and make a very complete decision as to whether and what extent Americans were involved. So he’s going to keep it all confidential because there may be people that aren’t charged that should not go — be named in public or there may be people who will be charged. But he’s basically gathering all of the evidence and doing what a professional prosecutor would do,” Murphy said.

“And then he is going to make a final decision as to who is going to be charged and with what, and he’s not going to leak anything and he’s not going to let anything out there. But I do think he’s going to indict people. I think when that indictment drops it is going to be a bombshell.”

“I think Dan is right,” Martin said. “I think Mueller is not going to do anything until he has the complete picture.”

One thought on “Muller indictments ‘will be a bombshell’

  1. Paul Manafort has been hiding his money and cheating the IRS for decades. He’s been investigated several times by the FBI, including in 2012, and each of those investigations ended abruptly. Why was that?

    Which country interfered most with, and had the greatest impact on, the 2016 election, Israel or Russia?

    Why would Democrats be opposed to Trump talking face-to-face to the Iranians?

    Are they so afraid of, and or beholden to, AIPAC and Netanyahu’s Fascist Likud Party, that they would commit the US to a brutal, destructive and unnecessary war with Iran?
    We already know where the warmongers stand because we’re fed a steady diet of their warmongering nonsense on all of the cable networks everyday.

    These are confusing times

    So, thank god for baseball. Last nights game between the Red Sox and Phillies was a lot of fun (my team won). It would be very entertaining to see a Phillies V. Red Sox World Series.

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