Flynn sentencing postponed

So what’s going on? Is Judge Sullivan pissed off at Flynn’s lawyers for saying he was framed, or is it that he’s angry that Mueller is being too easy on him? Or maybe Flynn still seems to be holding out on Mueller, and this is meant to motivate him into finding even more information to spill. Maybe it’s as simple as Mueller charging Flynn with a bullshit charge to cover up the things for which he’s not being charged now:

3 thoughts on “Flynn sentencing postponed

  1. “Arguably you sold your country out…….,” said the judge to Flynn.
    If it’s good enough for the judge it should be good enough for us.

    Selling your country out is a betrayal of your country.
    The only reason Flynn can’t be charged with the crime of treason is because the US is not at war with either Russia or Turkey.

    Greedy, American, Capitalists can legally make profitable deals with our advisories all day, every day as long as they register as foreign agents or lobbyists and don’t lie to the FBI.

    Both Flynn and Trump are dis-loyal Americans and greedy, corrupt, Capitalists who sold us out to make a few bucks for themselves.

    Just like Facebook’s Zuckerberg has.

  2. From what I read, Flynn is damn lucky that Judge Sullivan didn’t look at his and his family’s social media pages because they are swaddled in Fox News martyrdom.

  3. Judge Sullivan seems like he’s right up there with Vaughn Walker and Anna Diggs Taylor in the “not taking shit from corrupt Republicans department. Let’s hope that he ends up having a bit more success at it than they did.

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