One thought on “The unAmericans

  1. Many of those currently serving in the Trump administration are ex-FOX talking heads. Nobody else wants to serve the clown in the WH.

    Pence, Pompeo and Bolton, also known as the Three Stooges, are examples.

    Trumps policy on North Korea, Afghanistan and Syria is a good one.

    His policy on Venezuela, Yemen, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran is a disaster.

    Trumps foreign policy disasters can be laid at the feet of the Three Stooges, who are all wedded to an imbecilic, warmongering foreign policy which is destined to fail.

    The violence that began Friday between the Palestinians and Israel, and has now thankfully ended, was a direct result of Netanyahu breaking his word by welching on a deal that he made in March with the Palestinians; and by Trump who declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization last week.

    The horrendous civil war in Yemen persists because Netanyahu backs Kushner and bin Salman, and the US and Saudi Arabia want the civil war to continue.

    As long as Pence, Pompeo and Bolton—especially Bolton—-remain in-charge of our foreign policy we are in serious danger of international revenge being visited upon us.

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