The Trumps go to the palace

One thought on “The Trumps go to the palace

  1. speaker pelosi’s greatest fear in life is waking up in the morning and finding Ronald Raegan’s clone sitting in the WH all over again. (She believes Trump is a jerk who will be gone in 17 months.)

    Her fear, and the fear of other like-minded Democrats gave us Neo-liberalism (corporatism with a smiling face) and the corporate presidency (NAFTA) of Bill Clinton.
    Clinton begot the warmonger Bush “the Idiot,” who begot Clinton-lite, warmonger Obama.

    Clearly Neo-liberalism has been a failure, even though lots of foolish elected Democrats insist that it’ll work “someday.”

    Time has marched on but pelosi has not.
    She is still plodding along in a very deep ditch and that ditch is leading to a cliff.

    It’ll be a sad, sad day when all the Democratic lemmings march off that cliff and into the abyss below.
    But that is exactly what’s going to happen unless the Democrats demand that pelosi

    PS. You were well missed Susie, and this is a very workable and attractive format.

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