One thought on “How about that?

  1. Here is some additional collusion.

    Netanyahu is on his political deathbed, so the Fascist, warmongers are cranking up their propaganda machine once again.

    The object of their dissatisfaction this time is a fan favorite—-Iran.

    Iran has the military capability of obliterating Israel and vice versa.
    Iran will use non-nuclear weapons and Israel will use nuclear weapons to accomplish this dirty deed.

    Because neither Iran nor Israel wants war, it is politically advantageous for both sides to propagandize the other as the “Great Satan.”

    Fascist warmongers like Bolton, Pence and Pompeo actually do want to go to war with Iran (and Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, etc.) in the worse way.

    If Trump continues his incessant saber rattling propaganda meant to bolster both Netanyahu and himself at the polls, a fatal error may occur and the warmongers will have their war with Iran.

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