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  1. Yep. To me that helped explain why a *person* could vote for Obama or Sanders and then turn around and vote for Dump.

  2. I’m a guy with three sisters and I’m sick and tired of the mysoginistic treatment by the press, if not society in general, against female candidates!

    The idea of the “mainstream” press shifting from Hillary presenting a policy plan to an empty podium of where trump was going to be at still makes my blood boil.

  3. This article is great clickbait for people who are single-issue voters about getting a woman into the White House. It doesn’t account for any other issue, and overlooks a lot of factors, principally that Hillary Clinton garnered more votes than Donald Trump in the general election. I think that the D establishment and many black caucus voters will go for Biden due to Obama nostalgia. Harris is too new to the national scene and has too many skeletons in the closet from being CA AG. Everyone else will be either Sanders or Warren supporters *because of the issues they advocate*! And If either of those two became president, the supporters of the other candidate would be happy with the policy outcomes.

    The nation is on fire. It doesn’t matter to me, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone, whether the person working the fire break is a man or a woman, but that they’re doing their level best to fight the fire back and to put it out. I’m a Sanders supporter but would be perfectly happy with a President Warren, and think we should be grooming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes for the office. The real distinctions are not along gender lines, but ideological ones. Clinton and Biden are establishment DLC types whose politics have come and gone. They voted for the Iraq War and Clarence Thomas. From a policy perspective, a Biden presidency would be like having Nelson Rockefeller in office. A Sanders or Warren administration would be more along the lines of an FDR/LBJ policy prescription. AOC would be like a JFK but much more liberal and if she’d had the national exposure and had been able to run in 2016, she’d have used Trump to mop the floor.

    But this obsession with electing a woman is unhelpful. If you’d rather have Margaret Thatcher than Bernie Sanders, you’d have to think long and hard about how bad Thatcher was for women as well as for men. And consider this: the establishment party types will say and do anything to keep Sanders’s policy prescriptions from becoming the D platform and separate them from corporate money, up to and including lies about him and his supporters. Calling Sanders supporters misogynists is not how you win elections. I’m sure they’d be unhappy enough with Warren.

  4. When you average a multitude of recent polls what you find is that 51% of voters will “definitely not ” vote for Trump, regardless of who the Democratic candidate is.

    The polls also show that any of the top tier Democratic candidates will beat Trump by a margin of between 2% and 13%.

    All of the top tier candidates are electable.

    Old-guard, Neo-liberals (corporatists) in the Democratic Party, like Biden and pelosi, oppose Medicare-for-all, free public education K-16, a Green New Deal, and impeaching Trump.

    That is not a winning message for the Democratic Party in 2020.

    For the corporate media to be pretending that an aged, rich, white guy is the only Democratic candidate available who can beat Trump in 2020 smacks of sexism to many.

    Elizabeth Warren can easily beat Trump in 2020.
    So can Bernie and Mayor Pete.

    **Commentator George Will is a conservative crank and a relic of a past that should never be repeated.
    Chris Matthews is the same.

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