Listen, people

Understand something: Pelosi got screwed by Chuck Schumer on the border bill. He did it to protect his senators who have tough races next year. And if she didn’t go along with this version, Trump would have vetoed it and no money would have been allocated to take care of the kids in concentration camps.

For 15 years, I’ve been telling readers to stop thinking the worst of Democrats. As a blogger, whenever I dug deeper, the story was never as simple as it was described by Democratic critics. And politics rarely allows for a perfect solution. Sometimes all you get is progress.

As for the impeachment process, well, Pelosi wants it to be fully baked before moving forward. I get that. You don’t push when you’re in early labor, and you don’t impeach a president until the wave is cresting. And no matter what you think, right now, all we have is a ripple.

I expect things to be different by the end of the summer. If they’re not, feel free to scream at me then.

3 thoughts on “Listen, people

  1. Having trouble with your metaphor; may be on the specturm. Are you saying you want to give birth to Donald Trump?

  2. We’ve seen this all before. Chuck Schumer has all the dry powder safe in his box van, while Mitch McConnell is stealing it out the back of the van. Unless the Dems are willing to burn it all down, nobody is ever going to take them seriously. The end of the summer eh? Lucy has a football she wants you to kick, Charlie Brown.

  3. 95 House Democrats registered their displeasure with Schumer, his Democratic Senate colleagues, and 38 conservative, obstructionist, freshmen House Democrats by voting against the Trump-Republican immigration bill.

    That means that 45% of House Democratic caucus has guts enough to finally call bullshit.

    Biden isn’t going to be the nominee, and no matter who the Democrats nominate as their candidate Trump and the Republicans will label that person a Socialist.

    This isn’t politics as usual, but unfortunately the institutionalists are still trying to play by the old rule book.
    That includes the Democratic leadership in both the Senate and the House.

    Trump is an evil motherfucker and the Democratic candidate, whoever he or she might be, should begin each and every day by saying that publicly.

    That’s the way I see it.

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