The nut in the Oval is at it again

One thought on “The nut in the Oval is at it again

  1. Speaking of the Fourth of July and nuts, the military industrial complex benefits most when America has lots of enemies.

    On Friday the Senate passed a $759 billion defense spending bill by a vote of 86-8.
    Obama’s final defense bill, just three short years ago, was $611 billion.

    The House passed its version of the defense bill on Wednesday by a vote of 226-203 (with zero Republican votes) giving the military $982 billion.

    Both of these bills will now be reconciled before a final vote is taken in each house.
    The final bill should pass with little trouble given the number of Democrats and Republicans beholden to the military industrial complex for the millions of American jobs they create in all 50 states.

    It’s possible to operate a 5 star hotel in Pyongyang while the government is operating brutal and sometimes deadly work-camps inside the country.
    If you think like Trump that is.

    Trump wants to have hotels in Pyongyang, Tehran, Moscow and eventually in Kabul, Caracas and Damascus all being run by Ivanka Corp.

    Peace is always better then war and a gigantic military spurred on by warmongers willing to spend enormous amounts of cash on weapons is a recipe for disaster.

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