Acosta press conference creates even more questions

Well, you know, being a Trump appointee, he just started lying and didn’t even stop for breath. Here are relevant reactions:

Thread by @Popehat: “Dear @SecretaryAcosta: I do not believe we have spoken since graduation. I regret encountering you under these circumstances. I was not able […]”

2 thoughts on “Acosta press conference creates even more questions

  1. Acosta squirms as the real facts continue to come out.

    That $55+ million dollar Manhattan mansion that Jeffery Epstein is said to own was transferred to him by billionaire owner of the Victoria Secrets brand, Leslie Wexner, in 2011 for the tidy sum of $o dollars. It has since been transferred to a real estate LLC.

    Similar transactions took place between Jeffery Epstein and other billionaires on property Epstein acquired in New Mexico, Palm Beach, Florida, a private island in the US Virgin Islands and Paris.

    “The revolution will not be televised,” (Gill Scott-Heron) it will be tweeted.

  2. “He now presides over #humantrafficking”

    …And wants to cut the budget by 80%…

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