2 thoughts on “Virginia is for GOP schmucks

  1. This began in Oregon, not just with the repubes throwing a tantrum and walking out to thwart a disagreeable vote, hiding out in a neighboring state, but with backing down when the repubs went boo and the dems stabbed the most popular governor in the history of the state, only months previously re-elected to an utterly unprecedented fourth term, in the back and Kate Brown found herself Governor. The dems backed down, let them get away with it, and now every legislature where the republics are in minority is going to pull this stunt. And they’re gonna’ keep doing this until the dems smack them down, until the dems stop letting them get away with it.

    Call their bluff. Haul their fat asses into to jail, if necessary dispatch state police to storm a heavily armed compound. First couple of times they get slapped around, they’ll quit.

    This is, in the meantime, really getting the vote out.

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