3 thoughts on “Feds: Epstein had Saudi passport in his safe

  1. Uh, yeah, except if he were a CIA or FBI informant, the FBI would have files on him to that effect, and also if that were the case, he would not be allowed to conduct underage sex trafficking. If FBI were using people to catch pedophile traffickers they would use young academy types as bait, not actual fourteen year olds. And if CIA were conducting such an operation out of sight of the FBI, a very slim possibility, Epstein would have been collecting compromising stuff on foreign nationals, not US business, political magnates, or the royalty of allies such as Prince Andrew. If Epstein had been working for an intelligence operation, it would have been the Russian FSB or Israel’s Mossad. And if prosecutors had been warned off by the FBI, it would have been because the FBI (counterintelligence) recognized that a foreign intelligence service had succeeded, and the FBI wanted to mitigate damage to US persons or institutions. The type of information collected and the targets smells a lot like the FSB. The Saudi passport could be either of them, or a very good forgery that a billionaire could afford. We can’t expect to ever know everything when it comes to these things. But a simpler explanation is that Epstein was blackmailing a prominent person, and that person’s lawyer, or Epstein’s lawyer, reached out to Acosta and bullshitted him into the idea that Epstein was a US intelligence asset.

  2. “…gave a residence of Saudi Arabia,…” The US Attorney did NOT say who issued the passport.

  3. Kamala Harris is constantly calling out the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis for representing Jeffery Epstein.

    So why did six of the top lawyers from that firm host a fund raiser for her which she attended and got a bucket full of money from?

    Another hypocritical moderate Democrat just like Joe Biden.

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