This is a fixation of the right wing

They truly believe that anything that contributes to civilization came from the West, conveniently forgetting a few things like, oh, I don’t know, Arabic numerals?

2 thoughts on “This is a fixation of the right wing

  1. Stephen Miller is a prototypical Nazi.
    His boss Trump is a racist and so are his supporters.

    But, it’s not Trumps racism that’s the most dangerous aspect, it’s his constant lying about everything.
    Specifically Trumps lying about the meaning of words.

    Are those who make up “the Squad” and those who support them ‘anti-American?’

    What is an ‘anti-Semite?’
    Are all of those who support “the Squad,” for whatever reason, ‘anti-Semites?’

    Does supporting a single-payer, universal health care system (Medicare-for-all) make you a deranged, dangerous, budget busting, ‘Socialist?’

    Trump is a racist, liar.
    Lots and lots of Republicans in leadership positions are racist, liars. Mitch McConnell and Peter King for example.
    Unfortunately the racist, bigoted constituents of these demagogic politicians have been led to believe “that their day has come.”

    Trump should have been impeached long ago.

  2. I see that from the trolls in the comment section of the Field Negro: western civilization=white, and the native population of this continent deserved to be exterminated for not living exactly the way the white settlers did.

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