Car update

My mechanic replaced the thermostat. Now I have the nerve-wracking task of driving the car around to see if it overheats again. I’ve had leaky head gaskets for over a year, but it seemed stable. Now I have to wait and see if the thermostat gets stuck again because if it does, that means it’s probably the head gaskets. (Because Subie thermostats are famously reliable.)

He said it’s not worth spending the money on the repair, that I should just replace the engine if it comes to that.

I’m so tired. Once, before I die, I want a reliable car.

4 thoughts on “Car update

  1. Wait I thought ALL Japanese cars were like concrete, indestructible!

    Just kidding, I’ve had cars from every continent in the world. Some of my old Chevys were instructiable wereas my Toyota pickup blew a head gasket, needed a new clutch, and the radiator split a seam.

    Cars, you can’t live with em, can’t live without em.

  2. A brand new thermostat will not stick. You might want to … ahhh, get a second opinion. My son and I did a head gasket in a subbie just like your’s last December, in the driveway, in the snow, in just under seven hours. Engine will cost about two grand, I think my son charged the person we did it for a hundred bucks. Talk to someone else.

  3. According to my mechanic, a Subie thermostat can stick if the head gasket blows and the chamber fills with combustible gases instead of hot water. (He wants $1000 for an engine.) I have, of course, considered the possibility he’s blowing smoke, but I’m kind of stuck here. The local garage (the one that’s very, very good) wants $4000 for the head gasket. So you see my dilemma — I’m stuck between the winging-it guy and the by-the-book high-cost guy.

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