One thought on “Call 202-241-3121

  1. Moscow Mitch is refusing to call senators back from vacation so that they can pass the two bills sent over by the House relating to back round checks that are sitting on Moscow’s desk.
    That’s outrageous and un-American.

    But it’s also unacceptable for Pelosi not to call the House back into session to pass legislation banning military assault weapons and setting up a red flag system.

    70% of Americans want a military assault weapons ban, a more in-depth back round check on gun buyers and red flag legislation.

    Unfortunately Moscow Mitch and Run-the clock-out Pelosi have refused to call Congress back into session.

    Anybody who owns 60 guns because they send shivers down their leg when they shoot them off needs to be red flagged.

    Likewise anyone who wants to own more fire power then the police ain’t all there.

    Americans need to be protected from white, christain, terrorists.

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