One thought on “Hateful

  1. Trump is a master distractor.

    *Trump hung around with Epstein for years.
    *Bill Clinton seems to have been a frequent flayer on Epstein’s private jet. As was
    *Prince Andrew.
    *Leslie Wexner, billionaire owner of Victoria Secrets and L Brands, now claims that Epstein swindled him out of his $66 million dollar mansion in NYCity.
    *Leon Black, billionaire owner of Apollo Investments and
    *Glenn Dubin, billionaire owner of Highbridge Capital, often had financial and personal dealings with Epstein.
    *Acosta entered into a sweetheart legal deal with Epstein while working for Bush “the Idiot’s” Justice Department.

    Today we learned from Fridays dump of Epstein legal documents that Billy Maxwell procured underaged girls from Epstein and provided them to ex-Amb. Bill Richardson (D-NM), ex-Senator Mitchell (D-Maine.) and other politicians.

    Epstein wasn’t just some run of the mill pimp servicing the rich and famous, he was much, much more then that.

    Do you suppose that Putin knows everything about Epstein, his business dealings and his clients?

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