IT geek needed

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Last week, when the power went out, it blew out my computer speakers. I found another pair, cheap — they arrived last night.

Plugged them in — nothing, not even a power light. Finally figured that out, and plugged them into the speaker jack in the back of the computer. Nada.

Plugged them in the front headphone jack, didn’t work. Jiggled the plug a bit, got glorious sound as I finally played my mp3s. (I missed you, babies!)

But then I realized: I couldn’t get them to work when I played YouTube videos. (Not uncommon, as it turns out. It’s a Windows 10 glitch.)

So I played around with the settings, and now I can’t get it to work at all.

What I know:

  • It’s not the speakers. I plugged them into my Kindle and they worked fine.
  • It’s not the drivers. I already updated them.
  • I tried Windows troubleshooting, over and over. It keeps saying the jack isn’t plugged in.
  • Nothing’s muted, the volume settings are all normal.
  • I thought the power outage might have fried the sound card, except I did have sound for 2o minutes or so.

Thoughtful advice welcome! Oh, and here’s what the device manager looks like:

2 thoughts on “IT geek needed

  1. It may be sort of obvious, but is the plug inserted into the correct jack? Sometimes it can be confusing as to which does what.

  2. I have tried the plug in three separate jacks and the only one it ever worked in was the headphone jack on the front. But as I say, it only worked for media files and not for YouTube sound.

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