The tide turns

One thought on “The tide turns

  1. Trump is done. Kaput. Finished.

    The discussion going forward will be about who ‘we’ want to replace him with.

    Establishment Democrats and Never Trump Republicans have already put their money on Joe “when I talked to the Parkland students” Biden to represent them, the other plutocrats and the oligarchs.

    Biden and ‘they’ would take us all back to the “good old days of yesteryear,” a place that old Joe Biden has never left.

    A majority of voters wants to move beyond Trump and into the future.
    That leaves them with only two alternatives in the Democratic primaries: Warren and Bernie.

    Both Warren and Bernie are Left-of-center and their policy positions reflect that.
    Everyone else in the race is a Right-of-center, pro-interventionist, Capitalist.

    But Warren and Sanders must now expand their stump speeches to include their positions on foreign policy.
    For instance would Warren or Bernie end the dangerous warmongering of Trump/Bolton?
    Would they work to eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide instead of ramping up an arms race by abrogating every arms control treaty in existence like Trump/Bolton are now doing?

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