When you’ve lost the Wall Street Journal…

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2 thoughts on “When you’ve lost the Wall Street Journal…

  1. Stephen Miller is a Nazi. He is also Jewish. Perhaps he’s a self-hating Jew? Or maybe he’s simply mentally insane?

    The BDS movement, which is neither anti-Semitic nor a terrorist group, had very little to do with denying Omar and Tlaib the right to travel to the Occupied Territories and Israel.

    It had everything to do with Trump big-footing the Israeli election next month in favor of Netanyahu.

    Of course Netanyahu will return the favor by interfering in our 2020 election in favor of Trump.

    No American should feel serene about Israel interfering in our elections.
    We should all be outraged.

    Note: Bill Maher went off the deep end last Friday night on this topic and should be boycotted for his militancy and stupidity.

  2. Maher is usually spot on in his commentaries and I still love listening to him. But his take on Israel is straight out of the right wing playbook and I can’t understand why except that he is incredibly uninformed. I suggest that he do some reading up on a different version of the history of Palestine. Or he may simply be getting old.

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