Dissing Mother Nature and other ‘nasty’ women

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen hurt Donald Trump’s little feelings this week when she told him Greenland wasn’t for sale. Trump called her “nasty,” his favorite word for women he can’t bully, and canceled a state visit to Iceland.

Even The New York Times was befuddled: “Is this real life? Or a Peter Sellers movie?”

Also in the news this week was the fact that the ice in Iceland is “leaving” due to man-made global warming, a concept Trump and his fellow troglodytes scoff at.

Greenland is melting, too,” my friend Swamp Rabbit noted. “It lost eleven billion tons of surface ice the other day on account of that heat wave from Europe.”

Swamp Rabbit was in tears because he hadn’t been able to scrape together enough money to fly to Iceland to attend a funeral service for the first glacier it has lost to climate change. There will be many others.

Meanwhile in the other hemisphere, in Sao Paulo, it was nighttime at 3 pm, largely because of a giant overhead plume of smoke caused by fires in the Amazon rainforest, an irreplaceable resource that sucks up carbon dioxide and produces 20 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. These and many other fires down there have been linked to “deforestation efforts” by Brazil’s Trumpian president, Jair Bolsonaro. Such efforts are helping to accelerate the pace of climate change.

I reminded the rabbit that our environmental crisis is also political crisis. That dictator types and their oligarch friends, rather than caring about the future, are fixated on things like buying unspoiled Arctic land to dig for fossil fuels and rare minerals, and burning rainforests to make way for cattle-grazing.

“I don’t get it,” I confessed. “These greedy old guys will all be dead in a few years. Why don’t they just let the world be instead of working to ruin it?”

“Ain’t no way to know,” Swamp Rabbit said. “But I’m guessin’ Trump would find a way to blame all them women who were nasty to him.”