Cause and effect

He’s too fucking stupid to understand — or care to try to understand:

2 thoughts on “Cause and effect

  1. Does Trump want to nuke hurricanes or doesn’t he?
    Axios claims that he does and Trump says that Axios is reporting fake news.

    Trump cares about one thing above all others and that is money.
    Those who will make a fortune by despoiling our National Parks when they exploit the people’s natural resources will be indebted to Trump for life.

    Ain’t Capitalists and Capitalism grand.

  2. re” “yet another big storm”, when I saw Trumps tweet yesterday on BBC news america, I found it be quite racist. I read it as “we real americans” already gave “them people” so much money last year, and now “they” will want more from “us”.
    But it seemed to sail right over the head of the news reader (Laura Trevelyan) & most “news” media.

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