GOP is Kentucky fried

I’ve been saying this to friends for a couple of weeks: I’m convinced Mitch McConnell is going to lose, and this makes me even more certain:

One thought on “GOP is Kentucky fried

  1. As a caution.

    It’s a good bet that whoever the Democrats nominate to be their presidential candidate he or she will go after Trump tooth and nail on every front.
    Biden has already announced that his campaign will focus on all things Trump and on his (Biden’s) opposition to Medicare-for-all.

    How stupid will Biden or Warren or Bernie look when Trump fires back against all of their charges with the following:

    “The Democrats aren’t serious people, folks. If they actually believed all of the crap that they’re accusing me of having done, don’t you think that they would have impeached me? They do control the House, you know.
    Fake news.”

    Not impeaching Trump is a political loser and Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team had better wake up.
    And soon.
    Keep in mind that Pelosi already lost the House big (60 seats?) under Obama by not being politically astute.

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