Fix the Hall

I’ve been bitching about this since July, when I found out that Independence Hall was in bad shape and not getting enough federal money to keep on top of maintenance. So I decided to do a GoFundMe page. Please give anything you can spare, even a dollar. Then share it with Facebook and your friends:

The Independence Historical Trust  really, really needs our support. Even $5 will help.

Independence Hall, one of only 11 World Heritage sites in America, should be our shining jewel of modern constitutional democracy.  Instead, it’s falling apart and desperately needs to be updated. (Read the details here .)

Chipping paint.  Unvacuumed floors. No videos, no audio translation in other languages. (People from all over the world come to the Hall.)

Greatness walked here. American ideals were formed here. Now the Hall needs our help.

The Independence Park site is technically owned by the City of Philadelphia, but funded by Congress through the National Park Service, and hasn’t had a funding increase in a decade. They get enough for staffing and utilities — but not enough for deferred maintenance and upkeep.

This site should be something we’re all proud of. Instead, it’s shabby and neglected.

Because these are federal facilities, there are all kinds of limitations on how they’re allowed to raise money, and we can’t wait for the politics to sort themselves out.

The Park badly needs the help of every patriotic American. Give $5, $10, whatever you can give. Let’s show America that we care about the ideals, however imperfect, however unfulfilled, that were formed here.

The Hall belongs to us all.

One thought on “Fix the Hall

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the United States of America, the richest country in the world can’t seem to afford a single thing!

    (Unless, of course, it’s tax breaks for the wealthy)

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