Bolton out

2 thoughts on “Bolton out

  1. Both John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are pro-Zionist, warmongers.
    The difference between the two is that Bolton acts like a bull in a china shop and Pompeo is a duplicitous politician who slithers around like a viper in the darkness.
    They both agree philosophically and ideologically.

    John Bolton may be gone but the warmongers in both political parties remain.

    Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark), Lindsey Graham (R-NC), Tom Carper (D-Del), and Michael Blumenthal (D-Conn) all believe, as do others, that the US should continue to fight on in Afghanistan in perpetuity.

    These warmongering maniacs prefer running up the national debt to the tune 0f $5.6 trillion dollars in order to fight endless wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Iraq instead of using that money to fund much needed infrastructure right here at home.

    On a related note, Bibi Netanyahu has become so delusional and desperate that he’s promised to “annex (steal) the entire Jordan Valley” if he wins re-election.

    The Jordan Valley watershed runs down the center of the occupied Palestinian State and is its key source of fresh water.

    But stealing other people’s shit is something that the criminal and warmonger Netanyahu has been doing most of his life.
    Which is why he gets along so well with Trump.

  2. This presents a major challenge to Fergus: To find someone worse than John Bolton.
    Perhaps he can revive one of his previous verbal malfunctions and nominate Michael…

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