Traitor Trump

One thought on “Traitor Trump

  1. For what it’s worth this is a completely one-sided story planted by our intelligence community as a warning to Trump to quit leaking classified material. It’s very old news.

    But, the Democrats are being warned as well.
    The pro-Biden media, which is pretty much everybody including FOX, is telling the Democrats to “be careful and not go too far Left,” in their choice of a presidential nominee.

    If the Democrats choose either Warren or Sanders the media will have three choices in their messaging.
    A don’t vote for anybody message, a vote for Trump message, or a vote for Warren message.

    The don’t vote message won’t fly and neither will pretending to be neutral and unbiased in the choice between voting for Trump or voting for Warren.

    For the moment the pro-Biden media will continue to sell their “electability” lie.
    Because the oligarchs and the plutocrats want to put back into the White House another Republican or Democratic Capitalist, Neo-liberal just like they’ve been doing ever since the end of the FDR’s administration.

    “Don’t be fooled again.” Vote Left—-far Left.

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