The best healthcare in the world

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Back in May, I tried to schedule a mammogram. I had a prescription from my then-primary physician, so I called the hospital that was in my shitty then-insurance network to make an appointment.

The person doing the scheduling told me the prescription didn’t have enough information on it for them to know what to do. I suggested they call the doctor and ask. She told me no, I had to go back to the doctor and get the right prescription.

“Then what is the right information?” I asked. She told me I’d have to ask the doctor.

Now, this doctor doesn’t really believe in being helpful. She charged me a $40 co-pay just to come in and ask a question, so I said, “Fuck that,” and figured I could wait another five years.

Yesterday morning, I got a call from the same hospital, saying they wanted to help me schedule the mammogram.

“You mean the one I tried to schedule five months ago?” I said. “I already have another primary care doctor and an appointment for a mammogram.”

Now, I have a friend who had breast cancer, and she told me she has the exact same problem: If it doesn’t have exactly the right code, they won’t do it. Then my sister told me the same thing. Am I the only person who didn’t know this?

One thought on “The best healthcare in the world

  1. Coding has been a problem in the for-profit health care system for 75 years and will continue to be a problem for as long as private, for-profit health insurance companies exist.

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