One thought on “Jesus Christ

  1. In 1929-30 the Al Capone Gang muscled out the Bugs Moran Gang for control of the Chicago underworld.

    The Trump Gang (Giuliani, Pence and Pompeo) tried to muscle in on the intelligence industries (CIA, NSA, etc.) already existing “shadow foreign policy” in Eastern Europe (including Ukraine), Afghanistan and the Middle East.

    Moran tried to kill Capone for his indiscretions, but ever since the JFK debacle the intelligence industry no longer uses high level assassinations to get rid of troublesome US politicians.

    Instead they take them down politically.
    Have you noticed the number of CIA, NSA and other intelligence operatives being booked by the cable news networks lately?

    Shadow foreign policy is what blew up Trumps peace deal in Afghanistan. Warmonger John Bolton was responsible for that collapse.

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