Cause and effect

One thought on “Cause and effect

  1. 8 months ago Trump ordered all US troops out of Syria.
    James Mattis (who quit) and the military industrial complex which he represented went berserk.
    So Trump hit the pause button until 3 days ago when he reinstated his order to withdraw.
    8 months of consultations seems quite adequate.

    Once again the MIC, warmongers from both political parties, Israel, Saudi Arabia (Israel and Saudi Arabia will defend themselves right down the last American soldier), European warmongers and the Kurds all howled in protest.

    The Cheney/Clinton Middle Eastern foreign policy has shown itself to be an abject failure.

    We’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for 17 years.
    Iraq is about to implode thanks to our post war policy of corruption.
    Yemen is a disaster zone and so is Syria and Libya.

    The time has come to do ourselves a favor and pull out of the ME before we spend another $3 trillion and tens of thousands more American soldiers are killed or wounded in these never ending wars.

    Fuck Lindsey Graham, Chris Van Holland, Jerk Mcgirk, and the rest of the bloody warmongers and generals.

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