4 thoughts on “Anything that makes him look bad is ‘unfair’

  1. I don’t recall any Presidential counsel being on the questioning committee of Peter Rodino’s. The Repubs did it by themselves. Nor do I recall one at Clinton’s hearing. Democratic counsel, yes, but not President’s own.

  2. Trump knows that this is a bullshit argument, but this is all that he has left because he knows that he’s out of bullets.

    Speaking of “unfair,” “Slow Joe” has finally caught up to the rest of the Democrats.

    The House began impeaching Trump in earnest 3 weeks ago.
    Being the leader that he has always been “Slow Joe” finally threw his support behind impeaching Trump yesterday.

    Was Joe Biden instructing Nancy Pelosi to “run out the clock” on impeachment or vice versa?

    Because Trump is now living in Biden’s head 24/7, Biden has decided to attack Ken Vogel and the New York Times for being “unfair.”
    What rank hypocrisy.

    Biden has never been a straight-shooter.
    Just ask Anita Hill.

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