2 thoughts on “So, so stupid

  1. Neo-liberal warmongers continue to rant about Trumps “betrayal of the Kurds.”
    What nonsense.

    The target of Turkey and the Syrian National Army (SNA) is the CIA created (2011) Syrian Democratic Fighters (SDF) group which is currently dominated by extremist, nationalist Kurds (terrorists) occupying Raqqa, Syria.

    There are more then 3 million Syrian refugees living in camps just inside Turkey’s southern border.

    There are 10,000 ISIS fighters, and their wives and children, being controlled by the SDF, 2500 US Special Ops troops, and an undisclosed number of CIA paramilitary Black Operatives, in separate camps just south of the Turkish/Syrian border.

    Neither of these situations is tenable long term for anybody in the region.

    Unfortunately, the Neo-liberal warmongers who continue to support endless wars in the Middle East just see these situations as the price of doing business in a dangerous world.
    Again, what nonsense.

    We need to get out of the Middle East completely and give everybody over there and over here their lives back.

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