One thought on “The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  1. The SDF—-Syrian Democratic Forces—-control the eastern third of Syria.
    How’d that happen?

    On March 6, 2011 the Syrian Civil War began in Daraa, Syria,

    On the same day and in the same place the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a joint CIA/Mossad BlackOps project, declared war on the Assad regime.

    By early 2014 the regular Syrian Army had uprooted the FSA from its territory south of Damascus, so it moved to the north and east.

    On June 29, 2014 ISIS proclaimed the “new caliphate” from its capital in Raqqa, Syria.

    In 2015 the US/Israeli backed FSA merged with the predominately Kurdish SDF in eastern Syria and declared war on ISIS.

    Here is where the Obama administration made its fatal mistake.
    The administration promised the SDF that they could keep all of the Syrian territory that they seized from ISIS.

    Since that promise was made the SDF, with the assistance of US troops, has taken over the eastern third of Syria and set up an autonomous faux state.

    Neither Syria or Turkey was ever going to allow the Kurds to set up an independent state on 1/3 of Syria’s territory directly to its south and Obama should have known that.

    In a positive development the SDF has allied itself with Russia and Syria.
    That prompted Trump to pull all US troops out of Syria.

    In another positive development the US and the Taliban have resumed the Afghanistan peace talks.
    They were interrupted when warmonger John Bolton upended them in early September because he’s a fool.
    We can reach a deal if the US agrees to pull all 14,000 US troops out of Afghanistan within 18 months.

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