One thought on “Can’t have that

  1. Three economists won the Nobel Prize yesterday for their work on global poverty.
    MIT’s Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo and Harvard’s Michael Kremer.

    This group found that the greatest driver for lifting people out of poverty was a universal health care system. (The Socialist answer.)

    Micro-credit programs which offer small loans to people who want to start a business were the least effective vehicle for lifting people out of poverty. (The Capitalist answer.)

    Perhaps the Capitalists who oppose Medicare-For-All will be asked to explain themselves at tonites Democratic debate?

    Hopefully the candidates will also have some answers about why Trumps family members Ivanka, Jared, Junior and Eric shouldn’t be enriching themselves using their father’s name, but it’s OK for Hunter Biden to do it?

    For Hunter Biden to say that “I did nothing wrong, but I did show poor judgement,” is a load of crap and dishonest.

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