One thought on “Peter’s imaginary friend

  1. Every Republican including Navarro lives in a fantasy world.

    Many of them have taken to the airwaves to tell us that the “House impeachment process is unfair and therefore illegitimate and Nancy Pelosi should be tossed into jail.”

    Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution spells out impeachment.
    The language is vague and a specific process is not prescribed.

    The word is that Pelosi and Moscow Mitch are attempting to cut a deal on how and when to remove Trump from office.

    Pelosi wants Moscow Mitch to guarantee that he will deliver enough Republican votes in the Senate to create the appearance of a bi-partisan conviction of Trump for his many crimes.

    In return Moscow Mitch wants Pelosi to let Pence slide off the hook for his crimes so that he can become the president after Trump vacates his office.

    Pelosi making deals with Moscow Mitch is like Robert Johnson making a deal with the devil.
    Republicans are the “enemy of the people” and Moscow Mitch is “public enemy #1.”

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