Trump’s Syria ‘ceasefire’

He’s just so horrible:

One thought on “Trump’s Syria ‘ceasefire’

  1. Republican warmonger Marco Rubio and Democratic warmongers Jack Reed and Tammy Duckworth agree with warmonger Mitt Romney, who took the floor of the Senate yesterday and told us that once the US (that’s us) makes a commitment to somebody, we must keep that commitment no matter what. And forever.

    In 2014 the Obama administration promised the Kurds that the US would commit to an autonomous Kurdish state to be located on one-third of Syria’s territory if the Kurds annihilated ISIS.

    Do you suppose that any of the war-planning geniuses like Barry (Brett) McGurk, ever once entertained the possibility that the Kurds might actually be able to totally defeat ISIS and bring down their Caliphate?

    Making treaties and commitments to real countries such as Lichtenstein is one thing.
    But making meaningless and illegal commitments and promises to groups or organizations like the Basques or the Kurds about autonomy and force protection is idiotic and the Obama administration was wrong to do it.

    Likewise the thinking of warmongers Romney, Reed, Rubio and Duckworth is equally idiotic because circumstance change over time.
    Which is why the US should take a long, hard look at our relationship with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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