One thought on “So shocked, right?

  1. Speaking of Amy Klobuchar, there are 3.6 million mostly Arab Syrian refugees displaced by ISIS living just across the Syrian border in Turkey.
    Erdogan wants to resettle these refugees in a 20 mile deep, 300 mile ling strip of land inside Syria.

    But warmongers like Klobuchar and others in both political parties have a problem with this and are claiming that the Kurds are being “ethnically cleansed” from this new “safe zone.”

    Most of the Kurds leaving this area are internationally recognized Kurdish terrorist groups like the YPG, who migrated along with their families into the area over the past 6 years.

    Democratic warmongers and Senators such as Klobuchar, Chris Coons (Biden), Tim Kaine, Jack Reed, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Van Holland and Dick Durbin have intentionally been using loaded words and phrases like “massacre” “ethnic cleansing” “military blunder” and “all roads lead to Russia” to purposely deceive their constituents about what’s really going on in Syria.
    That’s a problem.

    The warmongers, like Klobuchar, are angry and are throwing around wild accusation and conspiracy theories (?Barr’s behavior?) because their carefully constructed Neo-liberal foreign policy in the Middle East, which relies heavily on military interventionism, is collapsing down around their ears.

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