One thought on “Go vote

  1. Piggybacking on the “Go vote” sentiment, the Democrats must go to the polls in overwhelming numbers in 2020. Otherwise Trump and the other Republicans might survive in office.

    The Republican Party exists for one reason and one reason only and that is too defend the Capitalist philosophy by whatever means necessary.

    Unfortunately it’s not always easy to tell the Republicans from the Democrats.

    Take faux-economist Steve Rattner of the NYT and MSNBC who pretends to be a Democrat.

    Stevie Boy is bothered and bewildered by the fact that so many in “his party”—the Democrats—are opposed to the “limited government policy” that has served the Neo-liberals so well over so many decades.
    (Rattner secretly hates the Socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt.)

    Steve is particularly outraged by the candidacies of Bernie and Warren who have the audacity to be demanding Medicare For All.
    Rattner is adamantly opposed to the “government takeover” of our health care system.

    In that regard Steve is not only parroting the unnecessary for-profit health insurance industry, but also the Republicans.

    Steve Rattner, like Joe Biden, is a Capitalist, free-market, limited government kind of guy.
    Those who think like Steve and Joe are known as Republicans.

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