Corporate assholes and thieves

One thought on “Corporate assholes and thieves

  1. Yesterday both Capitalist Jamie Dimon and his good pal corporatist Joe Biden attacked Elizabeth Warren.

    Dimon said that Warren shouldn’t be “vilifying successful people” and Joe Biden said that she was a “condescending elitist.”

    Clearly the wealthy Democratic establishment, which includes both Dimon and Biden, are becoming unhinged by the Progressives.

    Dimon knows that Warren is not “vilifying successful people,” she’s simply spotlighting greedy and corrupt people. It probably bothers Dimon so much because he’s a poster child for greedy and corrupt.

    As for poor, old Joe, he is so far out of touch that he thinks it’s still the 1980’s.
    It is Biden who sounds “condescending,” (especially towards women) and “elitist” because he doesn’t even know what decade he’s in.
    The world has moved on Joe and Neo-liberalism is no longer in fashion.

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