More disturbing climate change news…

The findings are contained in the 2019 Arctic Report Card, a major federal assessment of climate change trends and impacts throughout the region. The study paints an ominous picture of a region lurching to an entirely new and unfamiliar climate state.

Especially noteworthy is the report’s conclusion that the Arctic may have already turned into a net emitter of planet-warming carbon emissions due to thawing permafrost, which would only accelerate global warming. Permafrost is the carbon-rich frozen soil that covers 24 percent of Northern Hemisphere land area, encompassing vast stretches of territory across Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Greenland.

Trump will probably fire these scientist and *poof* problem solved.

One thought on “More disturbing climate change news…

  1. It’s a crime that the Baby Boomers, who allowed this disaster to occur, will all be dead before the worst impacts of climate change will be felt by their grandchildren.

    Yet these same old dummies have learned nothing in all their years and will vote for either Joe Biden or some other corporatist clown and make matters even worse.

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