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And now the prosecutors have resigned from the case, which is all you could do if you have any integrity:

One thought on “Exodus

  1. Apparently Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine was wrong when she said that she thought Trump would change. She needs to be voted out of office.

    Does anyone actually believe that Daddy War-bucks Bloomberg would govern any differently then Trump has been governing?

    The one-time mayor of NYC, Daddy War-bucks, said during his term that “all the crimes” are committed in “minority areas” which is why ” all the cops should throw (those people) against the wall and frisk them.”
    Trump supports that sentiment still.

    Corrupt, Capitalist, billionaire, New Yorker Daddy War-bucks is just as racist as his fellow corrupt, Capitalist, billionaire, New Yorker Trump is.

    Obviously more crimes are committed in low-income, economically depressed minority areas.
    Not because it’s in the genes, but because it’s tough on the boulevard.
    At times both racist Bloomberg and racist Trump sound like the new leader of the NSDAP.

    In a Bloomberg administration all of his rich and powerful pals will get the same kind of special treatment that Trump is now affording to his pals. Bank on it.

    Both Trump and Bloomberg are corrupt demagogues who think that they can rule the earth.

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