New Hampshire results

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New Hampshire is a fairly conservative state (you may remember years ago that 20,000 libertarians pledged to migrate there, figuring it was small enough to take over and turn into libertarian utopia). It’s an open primary state, which leads to all kinds of fuckery. (In 2016, NRA members came out in force to switch registrations and vote for other Democrats so Hillary couldn’t win. Then they walked over to the registration tables and switched back.) I don’t want Republicans choosing my candidates, so I don’t care. Maybe you do:






Biden appears to be on life support. He can only come back if he wins in South Carolina, and I’m not so sure he will.

3 thoughts on “New Hampshire results

  1. The two candidates being funded by corporations and billionaires, Buttigieg and Klobuchar, did pretty well in N.H.

    The candidate funded by the people won in N.H and that would be Bernie.

    Establishment, Neo-liberal Joe Biden was shown the exit last night.
    (Joe was drunk during his speech last night in S. C.)

    Warren, who should never have attacked Bernie, saw her campaign collapse.

    All of the remaining candidates must have better things to do with their time.

    On to the Nevada caucus and the S. C. primary.

    1. Donald D Taylor’s Culinary Workers Union, Local 226, based in Las Vegas attacked Medicare For All yesterday.
    The problem with unions is that when the government or corporations cave in to all of their demands like an 8 hour work week, paid vacation, a minimum living wage and “Medicare For All” they got nothing left to offer their membership.
    In other words the union was successful in its mission.
    President Taylor should stop scaring his members and instead embrace health care for all Americans and not just for his own union members.

    2. Trump has unleashed his Brown Shirts on the “Socialist Bernie” who wants to turn “America into Russia” because we all know that the “Nazis were Socialists.”

    The only response to the nonsense and bullshit coming from Trumps legion of simpletons is: “so’s your old lady.”

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